Chris doesn’t believe sensitive electronics belong in a vibrating, magnetized enclosure or that power cords should be near audio cabling, so individual 100W amps for each driver and precisely tuned active crossovers are housed in a sleek external unit.



World renowned studio designer Chris Pelonis makes his own custom studio monitors for every facility he builds, and always uses Tannoy dual concentric drivers because of their impeccable time alignment and spectacular imaging.  He also uses his own amp and crossover designs to ensure his specifications are met.


Now, after five years of R&D, Chris has produced a compact active studio monitor system meticulously crafted to bring his exacting standards to music lovers, hobbyists, and professionals everywhere.

The rhomboid shape of the loudspeaker enclosure and the utilization of  “Point Source”, Coaxial”, Dual Concentric”, and/or “Single Driver” loudspeaker driver technologies create a unique performance and functionality to this design.


With regard to  the driver technology. By positioning the “High Frequency” driver in the center of the larger “Low Frequency” driver( Coaxial, Point Source or Dual Concentric), the distance from the source of high frequencies and low frequencies is consistent regardless of the position of the listener/receiver in relationship to the loudspeaker. This results in consistent time arrival of the entire frequency spectrum produced by the combination of the high frequency driver and the low frequency driver. By keeping the time arrival constant, the  frequency response and phase response of the speaker will not be degraded as a result of position of listener/receiver to speaker. In the case of a “Single Driver” where one driver delivers all frequencies, the same holds true. The natural off axis characteristics of the driver or drivers combined will be consistent regardless of polar off axis positioning of the listener/receiver to the speaker.

Optimal listening region

Location of head when sitting at desk

Boundary of high frequency

responce -10dB

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Anechoic Measurements Model 42



System Type: 4" two-way Dual Concentric speaker


Frequency Response: 75Hz-35kHz (±3dB)


Frequency Range: 63Hz-37kHz (-10dB)


System Sensitivity: 90dB (395mV input, 2.83V output @ 1m,

1kHz LF output, -10dBV input sensitivity)


Rated Maximum SPL: 106dB (Peak SPL for 1 pair driven,

2.0V input @ 1m, -10dBV input sensitivity)


Dispersion: 60° (-6dB across frequency range)


THD: 0.6% (2.83V @ 1m, 1kHz LF output, 100Hz-10kHz)

LF Driver : 4" (100mm) multi fiber paper pulp cone)


LF Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms


HF Driver: 0.75" (19mm) titanium dome with neodymium magnet system


HF Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms


Magnetic Shielding: No





Listening position equadistant from speakers.

Listening position equadistant from speakers.

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